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Mommy's Day Out Program

Our unique Mommy’s Day Out Program runs Monday – Friday from 9am-1pm with optional extended hours until 4pm. Our flexible schedule allows you to enroll for as little as one day a week or any combination of days that work with your busy schedule.  
​Our Mommy's Day Out Toddler Program is designed to help your little one with the transition from home to school. Our pre-preschool environment is geared to their growing needs, from Emotional, Social, Gross and Fine Motor, Self-Help, Cognitive, Creative (Art, Music & Dramatic Play), and Language Development Skills. Your child’s first school experience sets the tone for their love of learning for the rest of their lives. We believe self-esteem and a positive self-image are the keys to success in the future.  Our small scale environment and gentle hand will help instill these values in your child and nurture their unique qualities and endless potential.
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